Gratitude and the Farmers Market

Gratitude and the Farmers Market

Friday, May 5th, of this year, I stayed up until the wee hours of the night preparing for (cue: *GAME SHOW HOST VOICE*) the first official Kankakee Farmers Market of 2023. It was 1 AM before I realized that I needed to call it quits. So I packed up all of my last-minute designs and went off to bed.

I was incredibly nervous about how things would go as a full-time vendor at the farmers market. I wondered if there were enough earlobes, necklines, and wrists in Kankakee County to wear the jewelry I created. “Is there really enough room for me?”, “Do my designs actually bring people joy?”, “Will I just fall flat on my face after the first couple of weeks?” - My mind raced anxiously as I lay in bed. I prayed: “Lord, I know you’ve given me this business to run, will you bless my efforts whatever that may look like?” I felt a calmness ease my anxious thoughts and soon drifted off to sleep.

Since then, the 2023 Kankakee Farmers Market season has come and gone, and I can attest that there were enough earlobes, necklines, and wrists in Kankakee County (WOOOO!!!). I look back with the deepest gratitude for all the support Lilla Made received, the passersby who became friends, and the provision the Lord granted me. Words fail to express the depth of gratitude in my heart.

Moving forward, I am in full holiday mode creating Jewelry and Embroidery designs (launching in the following days) and preparing for holiday markets (more info coming soon!). I hope Lilla Made designs foster a little extra holiday cheer this time of year. Lord knows you all have brought me joy.

I’m grateful for you, friends. Thank you for loving on me and for being a part of my community.

Stay kind,


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